This is a Python Implementation of the Aesel Client. For more information about Aesel, please visit the homepage,

For the latest version of the documentation, please visit our ReadTheDocs site,

To find the source code, please visit our github repository at


PyAesel is licensed under the Apache2 license. For further details, please refer to the LICENSE file.


Stuck and need help? Have general questions about the application? We encourage you to publish your question on Stack Overflow. We regularly monitor for the tag ‘aesel’ in questions.

We encourage the use of Stack Overflow for a few reasons:

  • Once the question is answered, it is searchable and viewable by everyone else.
  • The forum format offers an easy method to get a larger community involved with a tougher question.

If you believe that you have found a bug in Aesel, or have an enhancement request, we encourage you to raise an issue on our github page.

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